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News from Charikot ! Today 267 kids and 67 adults in the displaced children camp !

Support materials sent to Ramechap ! Many villages are still expecting help/support. The monsoon is coming !

CPCS - Girls Center

The camp for Displaced Children is moved to Charikot Bazar (still in Dolakha District) - Many schools received support from CPCS (tarpaulins)

Relief Materials sent to Echangu Narayan

Big Thanks to Ama Foundation Dream Team and to Bonnie, for their help !!! Precious support !

Support from CPCS reached Nuwakot District !

Tarpaulins, mattress, blankets, rice, noddles, etc... sent to Nuwakot (22th may 2015) - DB Situation / new stock of rice (10 000 kg !!) to distribute, etc.

Dolakha ! 156 enfants entourés, soutenus, une cinquantaine de familles aussi... ce 21 mai 2015, un peu d'espoir, de paix, de jeux....

Dolakha ! Old Town - More than 90 % of the buildings are destroyed... CPCS team is there to support children and families... A big part of Nepal Heritage is gone...

Dolakha - Displaced Children Camp - Update (field report)

Displaced Children Camp - Dolakha ! (a child-friendly zone for earthquake victims). Thanks to Caritas, NGN, Ama Ghar, BalMandir-Dolakha, DCWB, etc...

The team leaving to Dolakha ! To support children at risks there ! Thank you, guys,... !

Relief materials leaving to Dolakha. CPCS and other partners will set up a camp in Dolakha to support children at risks ! Many children are at risks of separation due to the earthquake. A mixed team including health assistant, counsellor, social workers, field workers will try to help.

Distribution à Nuwakot (400 familles bénéficiaires) et arrivée du soutien USAID et IOM (Nations-Unies

Relief materials sent to Nuwakot District and some DB photos !

Life in Dillibazar ! Still a lot of neighboors inside the centre... Kids remain kids and have fun !

Siphal, Street kids socialisation Shelter

Kirtipur visit and relief materials distribution

News from Dillibazar - Second Night after the 7.4 earthquake

News from CPCS Dillibazar and situation in Kathmandu

CPCS stand up !!! The dillibazar centre is again sheltering victims of the earthquake ! and neigboors on need of a safe zone ! The team is working day and night to support street-based kids, children at risks but also other victims ! Thanks to B-Fast for the very useful tents, beds, etc !

Live : A new earthquake strikes Nepal, magnitude 7.4... When will it end ? DB, Siphal, Girls center are secured, here some photos of public taking shelter on DB Ground and the tents donated by the United Nations, IOM and UKAID

Charikot - Dolakha - CPCS team goes day and night for the distribution of relief goods. Collaboration with a local medical camp and CPCS.

Deurali - Dolakha: relief goods for the villagers of Deurali. Distribution was done on the CPCS land. The buildings for the rehabilitation center Dolakha are completely destroyed.

Goods reached Gorkha - Palung VDC. A medical camp was also organised in collaboration with the local doctor.

KavrePalanchok ! Relief materials distribution in Deurali VDC !

News from the field (Sindhupalchowk)

Post-earthquake risk of traffick - Children are at high risks !

CPCS Relief Supplies reach a village of Sindhupalchowk - First on the spot...

Siuchatar Class program - damaged / distribution of relief materials

Durbar Square - Kathmandu / The sun will rise again... Hopefully...

Bhindal - Panauti. Slechts een half uur rijden van Kathmandu. 11 dagen na de aardbeving ontvangen mensen de eerste hulpgoederen.

Full minibus to Sindhupalchowk, one of the most affected areas... (and one tent loaned to Next Generation Nepal for the establishement of a camp for Displaced Children)

Sindhuli District Photos - Medical Camp organised and Relief materials distributed.... (also to Ramechap through the truck)