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School Kit Distribution and Parents Meeting in CLASS Sindhuli Janajoti higher secondary school phosretar.

After distribution group picture with kids

School Kit Distribution and Parents Meeting in CLASS Sindhuli

School Kit Distribution and Parents Meeting in CLASS Kalanki and Halchok

The Sindhuli Prevention and Rehab project ! (250 kids supported) (News from the field)

regular activities with students and parents

Morang-based programs (prevention and rehab - news from the field)

Class Itahari Children geting their school kit

Rehabilitation center for street based children in Morang District

DIC children class ,

CLASS Banepa School Kit Distribution Program

Small kids learning draw

Daily snacks and juice providing

Awareness class and playing with children(Reginal office in sindhuli)

School Bag,Stationary and hygiene stuffs received from CPCS INT for chidren at risk

Drinking water fitting in Morang Rehabilitation Center

field work

School Kit Distribution Program in Balaju.

School Kit Distribution program in CLASS Mulpani.

Parents meeting And Bag,education materials distribute.

Ambulance for Dolakha ! Supported by the Rotary Club of Brussels, Paris, London, etc. (R6)

The Regional Center based in Sindhuli organised Regular parents meeting and bag with education and distribution program at Panchakanya school

Parents meeting and Bag,education metireals distribute program (CPCS Int - Sindhuli)

Regular Meeting with parents and Awareness Class for kids in Morang

CLASS Center Visit, Health Check Up and Awareness Program

Police send street children in cpcs DIC

Various activities in the Socialisation Center - Dillibazar

Football (evening at the socialisation center)

Street-Based Children Socialisation and Rehab Center - DB !