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Construction à Dolakha (cloture et plantation des arbres fruitiers)

By getting well Sapana Discharge from Hospital

Building activities in Dolakha

Sapana from Class Bhedikhor (remote village in Dolakha) getting medical support

Children Class and Games in Regional Rehabilitation Center Charikot Dolakha

Shelter activities (cooking, cleaning, education, etc...)

La froidure de Katmandou en plein hiver... Dure pour les petites vies en situation de rues...

Activities at the Siphal Socialisation Centre

Parents Meeting and awareness program in Class Bhedikhor 23 Dec 201

A CPCS Class program (in Dolakha District) - Kutidanda

Siphal Socialisation Shelter for street-based kids (activities on the 23th December)

Girls referred to the Girls Center

22 Dec, 2015 Children Visit program to View Point Dolakha

Child Council Meeting - Dolakha

Blankets for a cold winter !

Clothes for street-based children

Repairing windows to stop the cold !!!

Support on the field for street based youth and children !

Pashupati Street based children Movies programs from IES/Field

No gas, no fuel... back to traditionnal cooking in Dolakha too...

Children's Central Government

Street Based children are having informal education and cook their food in the CPCS Sifal Shelter.

Humanitarian Crisis in Nepal (no gas, no fuel, no electricity........ )