Street Based children are having informal education and cook their food in the CPCS Sifal Shelter.

The Education Ticket System is one of our most amazing and effective tools in making the children aware of their responsibilities and helps them realize that they can and are able to manage their lives in the long term.

We organize three sessions of informal education everyday:  One in the morning, another in the afternoon and the last one in the evening. These times allow the working children to catch one session before or after going to work. For each hour of informal class attended, the children get one educational ticket that they can trade in for everyday items.  The E.T. shop stocks single use soap bars, toothbrushes, sandals, football shoes, combs, gel, shampoo, pants, t-shirts, scarves etc.
The informal education’s specific goal is to empower the children with life skills in order to avoid the dangers of street life and with the fundamentals that will allow them to understand and fit into the society they live in.

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