Children's Central Government

The Children’s Central Government (CCG) is unique to CPCS. Their peers within the programs democratically elect children from each program. Each week the government members meet their teams and then disseminate the information with the CCMC. Every representative is allowed their say without fear or reprisals from anyone present. Minutes are taken and forwarded to the International Director for review.

The government members will then report back to their groups about what had happened and if any actions will be endorsed as a result of the meeting. To ensure any rules or systems are implemented, we have also formed a Court of Justice. If the children have any grievances, they can go to the Court of Justice who then makes a decision. This decision is binding on all parties. The philosophy of creating the CCG was to empower the children in the running of the centers and their lives. It has not been set up to abdicate the adult staff’s responsibilities and duty of care to the children in their care. By becoming a minister or captain of their program, the children learn many positive life and social skills, such as leadership and co-dependence, skills they can use throughout their lives.