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Hygiene improvement class in Bal Mandir Primary school for small children

School visit and meeting with teacher, Headmaster (CPCR)

Class Charikot activity in CPCS Regional Rehabilitation Center office

Dolakha Rehab Centre - Work is going head !

Staffs Meeting at CPCS Regional Rehabilitation Center Dolakha

CPCS Girls Center - still cold, still cooking on wood...

CPCS Girls Center - Vegetable garden in Godawari

CPCS Girls Center - Maghe Sankranti

Awareness to Parents in Tikhatal School about child Rights

Class Kutidanda Distribute School Dresses to supported students

Class Charikot Organize Meeting with Kids

Personal Hygiene and seasonal sickness in Class Kshamawoti

Tikhatal Primary School meeting with teachers and supported students

GBV (Gender Based Violence) Meeting in Dolakha, Women Development Office

Deurali Building Foundation Digging

An exemple of emergency support provided by CPCS to 5 children surviving alone in a house destroyed by the earthquake !

Coordination Meeting Dolakha(CPCR local Organization-CPCS)

Floor measurement for foundation in Deurali

Class in Bal Mandir primary school

Health Awareness class to school children

Parents Meeting at Lamanagi Lower secondary school

parents meeting in Deurali school

Deurali building reconstruction activities going on

parents meeting in Kutidanda higher secondary school dolakha

Parents meeting and child awareness class at Tikhatal

Work In progress in Deurali (Dolakha Rehabilitation Centre)

Meeting with children and Parents Meeting at class Dolakha

Work restart for the Dolakha Rehabilitation Centre of CPCS !

Magi Fastival

Morang Area Coordination Centre (ORCHID)

Winter and street life

Maintenance works in CPCS Sifal

Collecting wood for cooking in the CPCS Sifal Shelter

CPCS Center Dillibazar - En het leven gaat voort - Life goes on...

Camp Fire

No fuel, no gas, nothing.... difficulties in Dolakha as elsewhere in Nepal

Coordination meeting CPCS network organizations Orchid (Morang), CRPC (Sindhuli) and CPCR (Dolakha)

CPCS - Meisjes Center - Center for Girls

Family Reunification of a girl

Meeting with Local Social Actors - 9 Jan 2016

Daily activities in CPCS - Socialisation Shelter (Katmandu)

Weekly meeting with Street Based kids beneficiaries of the CPCS project