Meeting with children and Parents Meeting at class Dolakha

Jan 17, 2016 at class Dolakha, Our team member came from kathamndu. Class Dolakha  organize parents meeting as well as meeting with children where we brief about children help, focus on regularity of children in class center for taking classes.  snacks time table, seasonal help of the children. Today parents meeting conclude on two topic.

  1. Distribution of the school dress as well as warm clothes for the children 
  2. Once a time parents meeting in class dolakha center
we also listen parents objections and expectation their expectation related with help in children education.Children received school dress and warm clothes by giving their own signature.
In the class Dolakha there are 50 children from 48 families. Children are used to go following schools:
  • Raj Kuleshwor Lower secondary school Bhimeshwor-2, Dolakha
  • Bhim Higher Secondary school Bhimeshwor-2, Dolakha
  • Balmandir Primary school Bhimeshwor-2, Dolakha
  • Tikhatal Primary school Bhimeshwor-2, Dolakha
Finally we did meeting with LSA.Please see some photos from class Dolakha meeting views.