An exemple of emergency support provided by CPCS to 5 children surviving alone in a house destroyed by the earthquake !

Because of the civil war and past political troubles this family moved from the tibetan border to the district headquarter (10 years ago). Since then, CPCS has been supporting the schooling cost and other help. Nowadays the situation worsen, the first mother left 2 years ago. Then the father remarried and left to Saudi Arabia (dreaming to find money)

Later the second mother left and the 5 children are since then caring themselves without any adult support ! CPCS is doing its best to help, to support and to ensure those 5 lives receives what they need and have the right to have (education, food, clothes, support, etc...) All together more than 3000 children get support from the CPCS-CLASS centers ! (1300 got scholarships and others are brothers and sisters also supported !)

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