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DIC, Daily activates in CPCS, Godhawari DIC, May 28 2017

CPCS Drop In Center - Godawari

Activities in Regional Office Morang

Kids Activity participated in child council meeting in CPCS Deurali Center, Dolakha

Girls are going to School from CPCS Deurali Center , Dolakha

CPCS Deurali Recovery Center provide medical support for local community and kids

CPCS - DIC - Godawari - Child Friendly Environment

CPCS - DIC - Godawari - Youth in action - The Stairs

CPCS - Drop In Center - Godawari - Youth in Action

Pre monsoon in Dolakha

Field visit to Dolakha - The High Way under never ending construction

CPCS/CPCR Recovery Center - Dolakha

CPCS/CPCR Regional Center - Dolakha - Prevention team CLASS work

CPCS-CPCR Regional Center Dolakha - Dalbaat time

CPCS/CPCR Regional Center - Dolakha - Kids prepare to go to school

CPCR - Dolakha - Outdoor activities

Toilets for boys and girls in ORCHID - Morang

Activities CPCS International Regional Office - ORCHID

50 new schoolkids selected in the Regional Center CRPC in Sindhuli.

Enjoying Movies programs CPCS DIC