Metal Roof Distribution (inside Ktm valley this time) - Thanks to our partners, Vrienden van troje, EU can Aid, ... Support is going on.

eport from the field by Nawaraj Pokharel (National Director - Prevention) and Ranju Shrestha (Deputy Director - Prevention)

IN CLASS Kalanki

we went to CLASS Kalanki for Jasta (metal roof) Distribution Program.

We distributed 13 Bundle Jasta. 11 Bundle  for our supported kids and 1 bundle for LSA and 1 Bundle for Arjun sir. We provided 2 pack rice and 2 pcs Net for LSA and Arjun sir.

All kids and their parents are involved in the program and they received Jasta. They were very happy and thankful to CPCS.

In CLASS Halchok

We distributed  27 Bundle Jasta in CLASS Halchok. 23 Bundle  for our supported kids, 1 bundle for LSA and 3 Bundle for Shyam sir, Bijesh sir and Sanu Miss. We gave 4 pack rice and 4 Pcs net to LSA and Staffs.

There were 25 kids are studying and all kids home is totally damaged. After provided Jasta they are very happy and thankful to CPCS. 

In CLASS Balaju

We went to CLASS Sindhuli for Jasta Distribution Program.

20 Bundle Justa distributed in CLASS Balaju. 18  bundle for kids family , 1 bundle for LSA and 1 bundle for Ranju Miss.

Today we distributed total 60 Bundle Jasta in CLASS Kalanki, Halchok and Balaju. Ranju, Ekta and me involved in the program.

Today we are  going in CLASS Pharping, Chalnakhel and Kritipur for Jasta Distrubution .