Adieu Rajesh - Bye Rajesh -- "Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven, Where the love of our lost ones pours through, and shines down upon us, To let us know that they are happy."

CPCS work is not easy. Sometimes, it's dramatic and painful, sorry for the difficult photos here but it's maybe important people understand what CPCS is doing, everything... This part of the work is one of the most difficult. Saying bye to a kid you tried to worked with, a kid that you know since years, a kid you saw destroying himself days after days and you were not able to safe... It's hard, painful... 
Bye Rajesh, you left our world in dignity and with all needed rituals. We hope you are now in the sky and that a beautiful star light will tell us you are now relieved and happy... 

His life : 

Rajesh was from Pokhara.  He has been living in the street since 15 years . His family  is unknown . He had faced many trouble in the street .   He had multiple health problems  like HIV Positive and tuberculosis. He most of the time lives in street  care freely.

He sometimes lived in shelter of different organizations.  He  lived in painful life lacking family and social support. This morning after 15 days of treatment and medical support by the CPCS medical team, he lost his life.  CPCS  performed  his last rituals in Pashupati  Aryaghat.

He used to search plastics , begging and involved in other illegal activities for survival .  He was about 22 yrs old .  In last 6 months he has been taking medicine and lay on bed.