Shanker journey from CPCS to Home !

I'm from Hetauda. I'm 17 years now.  We were living in small hut. My parents lived in Hetauda and my brother lived in Narayangarh . After sometimes, we also moved to Narayangarh with my brother. My parents had done bother’s weeding and he moved with his wife in separate room.  My brother behaved us badly and Father started to drink alcohol. Mother shocked by brother behavior and died. After mother died 
Father  was sick for few days and died of paralysis.

My brother never came to us; even he did not come for last right of mother and father. Then I went to Diyalo organization where I met Binju  miss  and  requested her to manage job for my sister . Binzu miss offered job at her home to my sister.
 I felt lonely and frequently visit my sister in her place. I used to live in street and visit organization also .I started to consume substances in company with street fellow. Binzu miss referred me to CPCS organization in Narayangarh in May 2005 when I was in street .I met CPCS staff also.

I lived in CPCS and start to go school from CPCS center.  Later, CPCS closed its office and I went CPCS Butwal and studied over there in Kalika School Butwal for 2 years.  In 2009, CPCS close its school program in butwal and we came to Bakhundol and start to study in class 3 in NIST boarding school. After one year CPCS moved to Baluwatar and we studied at Shivapuri School.
I frequently ran away from school and CPCS center although CPCS gave me chance to improve and excuse for my mistakes and enroll in school several times

I frequently request sir and miss in CPCS to find my family and I went twice and trice to search family in narayangarh and butwal with CPCS staff but could not find my sister. In 2016 Feb, I went with CPCS staff Narayangarh and I showed the place where I was living in bank of Narayani River.  We asked to neighbors and people about my sister.  Suddenly we met Binju miss and she gave us my sister telephone number who has been working as domestic worker for couple of years and left job and moved to Kathmandu.

 Now she is working as waitress in A 1 restaurant.  I went there to find her. When we saw each other we are really excited and glad. I never expect in my life I will find my own sister Now she comes to take me back from CPCS.

I hearty thanks to CPCS family for my support till date and provide education up to 8 classes. I thanks for Banju Miss who support me to find my sister. I request to CPCS to continue support for my study through residential school support. I feel CPCS is my home not only organization where I learnt everything; gain and pain. Hopefully in future I will  make my life bright and successful.