Morang Program Visit and Activities.

Itahari Program (CLASS Itahari): On 28th Feb 2016 we visited class center. We did meeting with Parents and children. There were 38 parents and 47 kids are involved in the program. Almost parents are Labor. They work at labor at day time. They are depending on street shop and daily wages. There are 50 children are studying through our support. We did meeting with school management and teachers. We gave all information to parents, school management about daily snacks and our supports system. We informed to them about our local organization (ORCHID). The CPCS Alliance representative in the Region...
  Bayarban Program (CLASS Bayarban): On 29th Feb 2016 we visited in CLASS Bayarban. We did meeting with parents. We gave information about our program and support. They were happy with our support. We discussed general situation of their daily life also. We Hand over First aid box to LSA. There are 25 children are studying by our support. 23 parents and 25 students are involved in the program.
Birtamod Program (CLASS Birtamod): On 1st March 2016 we visited in CLASS Birtamod. We did meeting with Parents and student. There are 50 children studying through our support. They know very well about our program and snacks system. Same time did meeting with school management, Teacher, Head master  and CRO of Jhapa, Mrs Laxmi Kandel. They  are very positive about our program.
Jhapa Program (CLASS Jhapa): On 2nd March 2016 we organized we went CLASS Jhapa (Tagandubba). We meet with children and take their photo. There are 50 students. They are studying in 4 different surrounding schools. We did meeting with School head master in Swasthani Primary School. In this school 33 children are studying. In Janata Higher Secondary School, there are 12 children, Bhirkuti Lower Secondary School in 2 children and Believers School 3. 

 CLASS Koshi Haraincha and Belbari: On 3rd March 2016 we visited 2 CLASS center CLASS Koshi Haraincha and CLASS Belbari. We did meeting with parents, School management and children. We hand over first aid box of those CLASS center. Our Nurse Miss provided health awareness class to parents and children. Same day we visited our ORCHID office. We did meeting with staffs about program effectiveness. In Koshi Haraincha there are 50 children and in Belbari there are 25 children studying through our support.

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