14th anniversary of CPCS

Dear Friends of CPCS,

Today is an important day for CPCS.
On July 19, 2002, fourteen years ago, the shelter Chandrodaya opened his doors in Kalanki.

That day twelve street based children found their way to the shelter ... Sher Bahadur, Bimal, Shankar, Prem Malla Shyam, Kaji, Bharat, Dile, Rupesh, Roshan jive ... It was the start of an encounter with hundreds of children and young people in our centers, on the streets, in their work situation, in the field, in their villages. We shared joy and pain, listened to their stories, try to find solutions...

From that day on CPCS pursued his work for and with the children of the street, children living in high-risk situations and young people in need.

I wish that CPCS may continue to grow and learn. Here in Nepal and also in other countries.

It was sometimes hard, very hard to face all the problems of those young lives but there are also wonderful memories.

I salute the great work of CPCS.
I salute my colleagues and the team. Together we stood side by side to tackle the problems of street life. These people are very precious to me.

My tribute goes to the souls who lost their lives far too young on the street. I hope they find peace wherever they may be.

Congratulations to all the children, staff and donor partners on this wonderful 14 year anniversary. Thank you all for the support and the great cooperation.

Bijesh Shrestha

President CPCS

Child Protection Centers and Services