Distribute school kits and organize parents meeting in Vadrawoti Primary School, Lapilang,Dolakha

CPS-International supporting to 50kids in class program and 13 kids in ECD (Early child Development) program In Lapilang, Dolakha. We distribute school kits for 50 children, whom are in class program. All kids parents, school principal, president, school committee, Teacher and neighbors are activity participate in that program. School principal and president are handover the school kits for kids.
In that time we organized parents meeting in school. We brief our organization rules, and regulation.

Organized parents meeting in Vadrawaoti Primary School,Lapilang,Dolakha.45 parents are participating in this meeting

               ECD Kids are palying in EDC class in Vadrawoti primary School, Lapilang,Dolakha

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