LSA Orientation Program about Report Writing

On 5th September we conducted a meeting with all the LSAs from Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Banepa. Then we gave an orientation on report writing where we discussed various aspects of writing a report. We created a ‘form like’ format for the report to minimize errors and get the same report from everyone. We also added three more pages to the original format in order to present the report more clearly. In the added pages, one was for more family visit, the other one for medical report and the final one was for the overall summary of the report. We explained the report page by page.
The LSAs also explained that since most of the children lived far away from their schools, their parents are invited to the school instead in case any problem arises and also to understand their children’s performance in school. We also cleared many doubts of the LSAs and gave them tips on how to write the report more effectively.

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