Street- Based Children of Nepal ! and the CPCS Street Educators / Field Workers !

 There are many reasons pushing, throwing or attracting the child to the street and the street world and the ones living there have to be respected. Children on the street are living in groups (small gangs) following their own rules, own way of thinking, own way of living. As they feel rejected by society, they create a sub society system with their own power relations, hierarchy and values. As plastic takers (rag pickers), beggars, street vendors, tempo boys, they don’t have a very positive image on the public. They are what people call “Khate”, a word, which once described the plastic takers only but that is now used for calling all those children who work, live and sleep on the street.

Street life means various risks and continuous dangers for that particularly vulnerable young population. Risks / Dangers that they face are numerous: violence (moral and physical), drugs addiction, threatening from gangs, social exclusion, health problems, delinquency, criminality, alcoholism, starvation, lack of self-esteem… 

Thanks to our wonderful CPCS Team (Siphal Shelter) and our field team, CPCS is directly working with them and for them. CPCS organizes field visits in every area where street children live, suffer and work. Each day, our social workers spend three hours on the street, in the main areas of Kathmandu where street-based children live and work. The children who wish to participate can get involved in socialization and educational activities such as games, sports, basic education (e.g. reading books) and awareness classes about HIV, drugs, basic hygiene and medical care.

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