Family found after 10 years,,,

About Padam Baram , He was in cpcs from 9/10 years , Now found his family by 104 NTV. 2 days ago NTV published his photos and some information, villager saw NTV and they told to his family.
That Main story is that, When he was 10 years old , his big sister brought in Kathmandu for visit , but after 2 days he missing with his family , his sister said that, his family search him until one month’s but they didn’t fine , His father thought and said with his family maybe my son death( that time was Maoist period)   so they stopped to search but his sister hope he will find,
Every time Padam said, his address is Danda gaun , but where ?  / He just remembered Danda gaun , that time he was  10 years old, he was missing with his family.    Real address is that, Danda Gau  (Gorkha )
Before, Padam really sad, he said that, every time I didn’t fine my family but now. 
Wooohhh he said I am lucky.
Today He is very happy, as cpcs also.. He went with his family with 104)
I think NTV is better than new paper; it is free without cost solves problems.    

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