We express heartily condolence rest in peace,

About suroj Nepali
                                   Suroj Nepali 19/m from  pashupati  he is suffering by PLHIV by birth about him also his parents was victim of HIV and so they were die when he came  our office contact he also medical problem after investigation we found also HIV victim and we do start to treatment of different hospital  i.e. Bir and Teku hospital for his improved  and also stay in our office and regular taking a ART medicine after continue taking a medicine he was improved and  his health condition was better .but in past time he is runaway more than 2-3 times in our center between taking a medicine but we help to any time for his treatment.
After few months he left our office himself he decided to go his sister home but she is not really sister she was just making sister.  We think he didn’t go to her house.but we meet him lot s of time in pashupati area in night field and we talked to him but he was ok.
yesterday his friends took in our office and meet to bijesh sir talk to his treatment that time his condition was very serious and bijesh sir decided to treatment in hospital and send to him in teku hospital for his further treatment but his is condition is going to down at treatment time and doctor suggested to us he need to ICU and VENTILATOR but in teku hospital not available so they refer another hospital  where available the ICU and Ventilator .so we  took patan hospital for his treatment but there in sufficient ICU      and VENTILATOR bed  but we try to another hospital for icu/ventilator we didn’t get icu and ventilator. and we started treatment in emergency in patan hospital  but in the morning he was no more.(death) tody we are going to his processing of  cremation.
We express heartily condolence rest in peace
Patan hospital and teku hospital at treatment time
Reporting by
padam adhikari

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