CPCS's new Recovery Center (Clinic)

The CPCS's Recovery center has been moved from Siphal to Dillibazar
and fully renovated.

The new Recovery Center is open 24 hours a day. Professional health assistants and qualified nurses are constantly taking shifts to offer 24 hours healthcare. There are 10 beds in the clinic where the sick children can watch television or read a book from our library. Special meals are prepared according to doctor recommendations. The clinic treats many viral diseases, epidemics, (flu, hepatitis …etc).

The CPCS medical staff is present in different zones in Kathmandu. They either give first aid on the field or accompany the patient to a CPCS clinic. Most of the time, it is the street children themselves who come to CPCS or call the emergency line when they require medical assistance. Our ambulance is then able to pick up the children who need urgent medical assistance directly from the street and to bring them either to the Recovery Center or to the hospital (according to the case). Indeed, our organization works in partnership with several public hospitals to which we refer children who need further medical intervention, surgery or medical examination and analysis (X-Ray, lab, CT scan, MRI). Moreover, our clinic based in the Siphal Center allows children from our centers or from the street who need further treatment or rest (e.g., after undergoing surgery) to stay in a secure and clean place with medical assistance.

The Recovery Center is supported by the Nick Simons Foundation and the renovation of the center was supported by Les amis de Soeur Emmanuelle

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