Dear friends and partners,

On behalf of the CPCS team in Nepal and the children of the program, this letter will introduce and explain to you our largest project currently, the CPCS regional center in Dolakha. 

A few years ago, we had the pleasure to address each of you individually and in person. Despite sending our annual reports out, keeping our Facebook page up to date and using our limited resources to communicate, we do not have a “machine” at our disposal that spreads information about our work, finds us new partners and makes us more known worldwide.

Nevertheless, since the 19th of July 2002, CPCS has advanced immensely. Slowly but surely. And several thousands of small lives have benefited through our programs. For many, the programs lead them onto a path other than the street or the misery that they had been through.

CPCS is shifting strategically (for the full plan as by email). As Kathmandu continuously expands, the great city becomes increasingly more difficult to live in. The cost of renting is increasing, water is becoming more inaccessible and pollution is rising. 

Of course, the "Children in street situation" project (street work, the medical project, the emergency hotline, the refuge, the socialization projects, the education ticket system and the first-level re-habilitation ) will continue despite our expansions elsewhere.

However, after months of consultations and reflections, we have decided to reduce the size of the second and third-level rehabilitation programs (medium and long term) in Kathmandu and finally acquire a true and great space where children supported by CPCS can follow the rehabilitation process in a healthy and favorable environment of hope.

CPCS has bought 7000 m2 of land in the district of Dolakha, located three and halve hours’ drive from Kathmandu. This is an outstanding place with great views and hundreds of children in the streets that come from the district itself as well as neighbouring districts. Establishing a rehabilitation center in such an area makes perfect sense. Let’s remember that CPCS is focusing on deinstitutionalization since years and that their gradual return to their community, their home if possible or that of a loved one is our first objective.

Rather than placing  children in orphanages or children’s home for years and years, we believe that it is possible and highly desirable to support these children by returning them to their family or under kinship or community-care.

In addition, we are developing a huge preventive project reaching out to more than 1200 families.  Project Dolakha will be the support base for 500 children and their families who are at risk of separation with the possible outcome of their children ending on the street. The saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”, which makes perfect sense and with this addition we hope to increase the efficiency of the project that has been set up in Dolakha (a working process since 2005).

Practically speaking, CPCS needs YOUR help, YOUR support, and YOUR generosity …

The land for CPCS has been located and the construction will begin. We have managed to complete the financing of three “cottages” that can accommodate 12-15 children and one of the cottages serving as the Medical Center (health post). The project is immense. Our regular partners are present: The SALAAI ASBL supporting the cottages, a generous private donor bears the costs of establishing the medical center through “Les Amis de Soeur Emmanuel”, “La Chaine de l’espoir” supporting the finalization of the new land, the Foundation Vieujant financing the second cottage for the children and “Sourires de Kathmandu”  contributing to a another cottage.

Other Ngo’s, partners may joint hem soon.  I myself along with the rest of CPCS team did our best to find the funds but the situation has been difficult for us due to the fact that the overall cost exceeds EUR 180.000, which is a small amount for such a project, but a lot for CPCS.

Below you will find information, photos and maps explaining where we want to go, what we want to reach and why !

Thank you for supporting us.

Whether it be 20 euros, 50, 100… every bit counts.
(Names of any partners supporting us with over EUR 200 will be recognized by a wall frame) but of course every euro counts from every family and every person. Obviously there are plenty of nice causes all over the world and you are constantly requested for donations or support.  Why should you want to help this end of the world given the misery that there is even in the streets of New York, Paris or elsewhere ? Indeed, but helping us and helping there is also possible. A real action against indifference… A small step but something real where you know for sure your contribution will be wisely used…

An something real for these children and for our team that have fought everyday since 2002 to guarantee those kids, care, support, and above all, respect.

There are several ways to support us. You could contact a Rotary Club, your church, a school…  Share the word to your family, non-profit organisations, and other foundations that might want to support this worthy initiative.

On behalf of the CPCS team,


Jean-Christophe Ryckmans (Director and founder)

To support us:
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