CPCS CLASS Kalanki, Halchowk and Balaju - Health Camp - Distribution Dignity Packs - Damage Survey

Message from the CPCS Prevention Team:

Class Kalanki
The school in Kalanki was entirely damaged. The school is searching for  a safe place run the studies.We conducted health check up program for 30 students and parents. A total of 36 dignity packs were distributed to the supported kids mothers and other local women. They gave us  a feed back that the materials in the dignity pack were very useful and handy in their daily lives. the headmaster of the school was asking for some support for construction of their destroyed school. 

Class Halchowk
The halchowk school is 15 minutes walking distance form Swayambhu. It is located on a steep hill, thus, the school had been damaged. And now, they are running classes in a sloppy area. We are going to provide them a large tarpaulin. 40 students and mothers were  provided with dignity kits. Health check up was done.

Class Balaju
The school was partially destroyed by the earthquake. The temporary classes are under construction. 40 dignity packs were distributed. General health checkup was done.

 Ranju /Nawaraj 

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