Dignity Kit for women

Personal hygiene is very difficult for women whom have to live in the open sky under a tarpaulin. With several friends we put our forces together; collected some money, did the shopping and made the Kit to give women their dignity. Thanks to Noor, Maya Greet, Catherine, Elizabeth, Aafje, Nadine, An and all those who make this possible.
A Kit arrives at 10 Euros and includes: a scarf, 3 small towels, 2 pieces of underwear, sanitary napkins, nail clipper, comb, toothbrush plus toothpaste, bottle of hair oil, 20 packs of shampoo, 1 piece Dettol soap, 1 piece washing soap, a lighter with small torch light, a small sewing kit, a moisturizer, one packet tika's. All this goes in a strong, reusable bag. The Dignity packs are donated to CPCS. The distribution is done by the medical team. Thanks to all!


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