Night Field - CPCS started night field visits 5 years ago. They are operated six days a week from 7.30 pm to 11.00 pm, led by a team made up of a health assistant, a senior social worker and a driver with ambulance. They go to the different areas of Kathmandu where street children hang out at night.

The main objective of the night interventions is to reduce the children risk exposure which is enhanced at night time. At night, children face more risks and are more vulnerable to any type of physical and sexual abuse. Children are frequently threatened or abused by the public or street elders, they are highly intoxicated by alcohol, marijuana or glue and can get physically injured during frequent gang fights. In some extreme situations that CPCS assesses as “high risk” for the child, CPCS may decide to take the child to Bir Hospital, Teaching Hospital, Patan hospital, Kanti Hospital and then to CPCS’ Dilibazar-based Emergency Rehabilitation center for further intervention. This program is supported by Les amis de Soeur Emmanuelle (Belgium) and the medical support by the Simons Foundation through the American Himalayan Foundation.