Quelques jours de paix, de socialisation, d'échange.... L'équipe "réduction des risques" vient d'organiser 3 jours d'activités spéciales pour les enfants en situation de rues de Katmandou... CPCS a fait et fera encore beaucoup pour les victimes du tremblement de terre, mais nous n'oublions pas ces enfants que CPCS sert depuis sa fondation... Bien sur les conséquences du tremblement de terre pousseront tant et tant de nouvelles vies vers l'errance... Nous serons là et prêt ! Merci aux superbes équipes de terrain... merci à nos partenaires sur la réduction des risques, les amis de Soeur Emmanuelle, la fondation Vieujant, etc. pour leur soutien sans faille !

 Picnic and Fun Activities !  21 june to 24 june 2015              
“Resilience and fun after the earthquakes” (report by ATR Sir)

Today the "Risks Reduction" Team organised picnic and swimming program with sifal shelter children and street-based kids. There were altogether 32 children and 4 staffs.We did many games and activities but the idea was to help the children speaking about this tragedy, about what they saw, what they faced and how to cope with that... 

“Swimming “
                           First day 21 june 2015 we sent children in swimming pool. There were 23 children and 2 staffs. It was great with children they feel so happy after the big earthquake. 15 children were under 14 years old and others were older. We faced some difficulties to find a swimming pool still operating (Most of pools are destroyed and closed since the earthquake)
“Picnic on Godhawari”

Second and last days, 22-23 june 2015 we moved for picnic on Godavari, inside the CPCS property (Recreationnal Center) .32 kids attend for two days. 
We spoke a lot about earthquake consequences, situation of the kids, risks linked with earthquake, etc... We also saw the new CPCS movie.... 

It was a great time and kids enjoyed so much... We strictly refused them to take drugs or glue and they followed this rule (discussed with them and approved before)....

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